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Wilderness Weekend

Pete and Kayla were college sweethearts - she from Michigan and he from California - who decided to tie the knot near their favorite hiking spot and where he had proposed. They chose the Dent House at the base of the rugged trail into Matilija Canyon, in the mountains near Ojai, because of the memories it held for them and for the ability to house their entire wedding party on site. The weekend took on the feel of summer camp as their friends and family gathered from around the country (and beyond!) to share in the wedding weekend.

On the wedding day, guests arrived at the remote venue via shuttles over the course of several hours and spent some time exploring the trail, playing lawn games or just relaxing on the vintage quilts spread beneath the trees of the citrus orchard. The ceremony, held in a meadow, was performed by Kayla's childhood pastor and accompanied by musician friends, Jon and Val Guerra, all of whom traveled from Michigan for the big day. The farm-to-table buffet dinner was followed by dessert of family-made cookies and ice cream and dancing, lots and lots of dancing, under the biggest moon any of us had ever seen. (Images from Montana Dennis. Vintage rentals from {storehouse}rentals.)

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