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Process and Pricing

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Are you overwhelmed by all the pretty Instagram images or do you suffer from Pinterest paralysis?  Does a home related shopping trip to Target or Home Depot just frustrate and confuse you? We all want a beautiful, comfortable, personal place to call home and its easier than you think to make that happen. Together we can create that kind of good design - design that tells your story. I can help guide you in making timeless but fresh design decisions that match your vision and maximize your budget. 


Our first meeting is complimentary.  We need to get a feel for each other and see if we'll be compatible before making a commitment to work together - trust is foundational to any successful collaboration.  You are, after all, entrusting me with your home - the place you live and love and make memories. This meeting will not include any design services or suggestions. 


Remembering that all services are tailored to your specific needs, here's a sampling of how I can help with your spaces.


Full-service design covers the whole spectrum of your project including, but not limited to, space planning, product sourcing, room rendering, working with client's contractor(s), ordering product, installation, and styling.  Every project is different, so pricing is agreed upon after a consultation to determine the scope of your project. Increasing the scope of work after pricing has been determined will trigger additional fees.



Are you a hands-on, DIY kind of client just in search of a little expert advice?  If you need help getting a design plan for your space but want to do all sourcing and installation yourself, this could be a perfect fit for you.  We'll meet in your space to discuss your needs and desires and come up with a design direction.  This service can include color palette development, paint selection, space planning, finish and furniture suggestions or whatever else you need help with but does not include follow-ups such as floor plans, sourcing of items or installation.  Design Consultation services begin at $85 per hour.


Perhaps you want a little more than a consultation - I can help with all your space planning needs along with designing custom finishes, furnishings and cabinetry plus sourcing every item you need to complete your project. My years of experience means I have collected a large variety of vendors and crafts people that you may not be aware of, helping us to collaborate on spaces that don't look like everyone else's. Design & Space Planning services begin at $125 per hour.



Finding just the right items is the most important part of getting a look that's curated to your specific taste and needs. Let me do all the scrolling and searching for the furniture, finishes, art, accessories or whatever else it is you need sourced for your project. As a bonus, I receive discounts at several retailers and am happy to pass those savings along to my clients. Sourcing services begin at $45 per hour.


The celebrated mid-century designer Charles Eames is quoted as saying, "The details are not the details. They make the design."  It's true that adding the finishing touches - the details - to your space can make it all come together. Using what you have and helping to source what's needed to fill in the blanks, I can rearrange rooms, curate a gallery wall, style your bookcases or work on whatever else is giving you grief.  I can also help stage your home for sale, advising on what should stay, what should go and how the home can be shown to its best advantage.  Styling & Staging services begin at $85 per hour.



If you need help selecting art and accessories to complete a room or flooring and tile for a remodel or just need a second set of eyes to help decide if what you're considering will work, I can help.  After a quick in-home consultation to determine your space's needs, we can go shopping together to make those selections.  Shopping services begin at $65 per hour, with a 2-hour minimum.


Every E-Design is created to fit your personal style, unique space and, best of all, your budget. Basically, it's where personal shopping meets interior design. You get a full-service experience, whether you're local to me or live across the country, with all communication via Email. You'll fill out an extensive questionnaire, share inspiration images, dimensions and photos of the space and I'll take it from there.  Contact me for customized E-Design pricing.  

E-Design packages include: 

Design Concept Board - the most common challenge clients have is visualizing the end result but the design board allows you to 'see' it all come together.

Space Plan - this detailed, drawn to scale, furniture placement plan takes away the worry about where things go and if they will actually fit.

Shopping List - a thorough list of all suggested items with clickable links to aid you in purchasing everything you need.

Installation Plan - detailed, step-by-step instructions for completing the design.

• One Revision  - one set of revisions is included if a little tweaking of the plan is needed.

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